About Us

Join The Journey is what First Baptist Church is all about. Life is a journey, an adventure if you will. God’s word declares, “your life is a journey you must travel with a deep consciousness of God.” (1 Peter 1:17, The Message). At FBC we long for people who want to join us in this spiritual adventure. What IS the journey we want you to join? It’s all about Jesus. It’s about Following Jesus and about Making Disciples. We want to follow Jesus because the journey begins with a relationship with Him. We want to make disciples because we believe that His/this mandate is the most exciting way to journey through life.

Join The Journey has 3 specific steps:

Step 1- COME and worship. Because worship is the first discipline for each Christ-Follower
Step 2- CONNECT in a Grow Group. A place where Christ-Followers do life together in small groups
Step 3- CARE by Serving the Lord and sharing your faith. The expression of our faith happens when we serve Him and share Him with others.

As more and more people Join The Journey, lives will be transformed by the grace of God. Won’t you Join The Journey?