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What if I told you there is a place where:

your dad always loved you with an unconditional love…
no matter what

your dad always reminded you that you are his child

your dad always told you the truth and never intended to hurt you

your dad always did what he said he would do

your dad always took care of you

your dad is with you wherever you go and he never, ever left you alone

your dad never accused you but always forgave you when you blew it

your dad always supported you in everything you do

your dad always showed you the best way to live your life
and gave you the freedom to make the choice, even when its the wrong one

your dad gives you hope, even when life seems hopeless

your dad helps you believe, even when there’s no reason to believe

your dad provided you with all the best things to live your life


your dad gave you what you really needed, not just what you wanted

your dad never lets go of your hand, even when you can’t feel his hand

your dad helped you live a life of satisfaction and purpose
and accomplish what is eternally significant

your dad has a home where there is perfect joy, peace and contentment

This place is in the arms of The Father,
your Creator
your True Love
your Best Friend
your Wisest Counselor
your Real Satisfaction
your Never Ending Life


This Place is in the arms of Jesus
He came to show us The Father
He came to earth to die for your sins
He came to earth and now is preparing heaven for us.

And what if I told you that He wants to give you this life,

If you will believe in Him and follow Him.

What if I told you there is a place where:

your dad gave you a family that trusted you, encouraged you and welcomed you

your dad gave you a family that walked with you through the struggles of life,
helped you through the hard times of life and laughed with you through the joys of life

your dad gave you a family that even though they are not perfect, never gives up on you

your dad gave you a family that provides opportunities for fun, purpose and personal growth

If you will simply ask Him to save you,

admit your sins and needs to Him,

you can share in all that I just told you.

The choice is up to you.