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Isaiah 53 – My Paraphrase 

Will anyone take our word seriously?

Is there not one person who will see GOD’S power seen in His Servant?

He came and grew up in a dry spiritual time.

He had an ordinary, even unattractive appearance.

He was looked down upon by others.

He didn’t hang out with popular people.

He was excluded and denied a place with others.

He was well-acquainted with pain and grief.

No one thought He could be a good friend.


But He took our sins upon Himself, choosing to shoulder the load of life’s briefs.

Even though He was perceived as suffering for His own sin, He wasn’t,

But still chose to bear all our sins Himself.

He was gored because we are sinners.

He was pulverized because we are wrong-doers.

He endured what we deserved and as a result we gain GOD’S peace.

It is because of His injuries that we are made whole.

Everyone of us are like disobedient sheep.

Everyone of us do our own thing.

God put on Him all of our disobedience and rebellion.


He endured pressure and pain but never complained or whined about it.

He was like a butchered animal with no voice.

He was accused and convicted unjustly.

His life was ended, His future terminated.

All because of our sins, not His own.

His grave was in the cemetery of the rich and sinful,

Even though He was never convicted justly of a crime for His own deeds or words.


But GOD’S plan send desire was for Him to endure this pain and to be a substitute sacrifice

For the sins of others.

Eventually He will rise from death and a race of His seed will follow Him.

GOD’S plan and desire will eventually succeed.

Eventually He will see daylight and enjoy the results of His pain.

Eventually GOD’S Righteous Servant will correct our wrongs and make us right with God again.

Finally God will reward Him greatly and generously because of His willingness to give Himself

As a substitute sacrifice, becoming one of a race of sinful people.

He took up the sins of others upon Himself and prayed for them.